Congrats! Yu Ching won the entrepreneurship competition of【2023 Garage Spirit in Taichung - Manufacturing Transformation Group】Gold Award

The 2nd "Garage Spirit in TAICHUNG" Industry Star eventis divided into two categories: "Manufacturing Transformation" and "Business Applications."Entrepreneurial teams are free to select their preferred category and create their own project topics. The competition aims to connect local industries with teams, fostering partnerships and collaborative relationships between businesses and young/startup ventures.

The Manufacturing Transformation category's Gold Award goes to "Yuking Plastics Co., Ltd." for their development of"Blow Molding Products from Recycled Materials."This innovation received recognition from the judges for its use of recycled materials to create aesthetically pleasing, lightweight products with high recyclability. Maintaining their technological edge, the products can be completely pulverized and 100% recycled, thereby transforming into new commodities.

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