Successfully Debuting the Exhibitions in 2022【Unveiling New Business Opportunities from Ocean Plastic Waste】

In 2022, Yu Ching Plastic Co., Ltd. participated in the "Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo" and "Taiwan Hardware Show" for the first time. The exhibits included various Blow Mold Case/Tool Box and new products for the application of marine plastic waste jointly developed with the Plastic Center.

Yu Ching Plastics was established in 1979. When the industry was not yet popular, Chang Fu-ping, the chairman, resolutely stepped into the field of plastic injection and purchased two additional equipment, and laid the foundation step by step with agricultural seedling trays, flower pots and other products. During the period of rapid industrial development, Yu Ching Plastics has undergone the second transformation and has devoted itself to the field of toolbox manufacturing and OEM. Up to now, Yu Ching Plastics is currently led by the general manager Chang Shu-wei and continues to grow. Sports equipment, medical, outdoor supplies, etc.

Yu Ching Plastics has dedicated to plastic manufacturing industry for more than 40 years and now being the professional manufacturer of air-blowing molding in the middle of Taiwan. We really appreciate those customers who trusts our development technology to make Yu Ching extend variety of products, including toolboxes, medical equipment, advertising devices, auto parts, outdoors products etc. Also, we cooperate and have a good partnership with several domestic and international brands and enterprise. Furthermore, Yu Ching become the only designated of plastic air-blowing molding OEM for major companies and enterprise.

Besides OEM manufacturing, Yu Ching Plastics also provides design development technology. It assists enterprises to find out the most suitable production conditions by selecting the types of the plastic materials and even the requirements for the features such as resistance to UV-rays, hardiness, antimicrobial properties, recycling, etc. Yu Ching Plastics is from OEM to ODM design, R&D and manufacturing and it could adjust the manufacture process according to the product characteristics to ensure the quality is suitable for the customer’s requirements and provide the best customized service.

Yu Ching Plastics and Plastics Industry Development Center have cooperated in recycling fishing nets to apply the blow molding technology. Marine waste affects the marine environment. Yu Ching Plastics recycles fishing net. The granulating mill will collect, break, wash, granulate the nets, and then design and manufacture the products. By trial and error, it finally finishes the marine-waste products. Yu Ching Plastics has been working hard in the field of marine waste recycling plastic products. It also hopes to use own capabilities and combine with the strength of government to accomplish the concept of sustainable material product development.